Big ups to the developer from Channel Intel who posted the below video of the Google TV demo. (And please don't ask me why it took me so long to post it here.) It's a short video, so take a look and you will quickly see how Google TV, Yahoo TV, Boxee and the other disruptive IPTV technologies will change how you watch TV.  

And then sit back and watch the networks try to deal with this new media equation:


Spelled out, thats:

Couch Potatoes +  Disruptive Technology (On-Demand Video From Anywhere) = Nightmare for Networks

The result will be classic Curve:  Lots more watching of High-End and Low-End content, with the middle dropping out even further. (Big time).

Second prediction:

The "lean-forward" experience of laptop viewing will become a "lean-back" experience of group selecting and sharing—in the same room—in real-time. Yup, I'm not talking about an over the web, social-network sharing with friends, TV viewing experience—which will be cool, and huge—I'm saying get ready for the return of the wonderful experience of watching something other than the Super Bowl with a group of friends in your living room.

It won't be appointment TV (aka Ed Sullivan), it will be, "Hey, I gotta show you something!"—spontaneous and serendipitous TV watching.  (SSTV?) And the over-40's will be doing it, too.

(Okay, why am I showing you something shot from a hand-held camera?  Well, unfortunately Google's own video from their developer's event doesn't show their product at work. Why?  Well, because Google is trying hard not to piss off the TV networks in the hopes of getting them to work with them, Google doesn't want to post the full demo that includes clips of the network and cable TV shows.  Ah, those of those pesky licensing and copyright issues. Insane, right).

And speaking of those pesky copyright issues and Ed Sullivan, let's see how long this stays up: .